Ich, Göppingen

CityX - Ich, Göppingen

Art project 2022/23

As part of the realignment of the Boehringer Area, the 15th CityX art project was launched in the city of Göppingen in fall 2022. On behalf of the city and Businesspark GmbH, drawing events were held in advance at the university, Freihof-Gymnasium, Werner-Heisenberg-Gymnasium and centrally on the market square. Participants were asked to depict their view of the city by drawing on a template provided. Later, after an in-depth analysis of the collected works, Doris Graf developed 5 pictographic images similar to how people drew. On 22.11.2023, the artworks were ceremoniously handed over to the city of Göppingen as part of an opening event.

Drawing Performance Hochschule Göppingen, Germany 2022
Drawings “CityX - Ich, Göppingen”, 2022
Permanent presentation “CityX - Ich, Göppingen” in the town hall in Göppingen, Germany 2023


Drawings “CityX - Ich, Göppingen”


Piktogramm "Mir reichts!"
Mir reichts!
Piktogramm "Kaiserberge"
Piktogramm "City Feeling"
City Feeling
Piktogramm "Back To The Future"
Back To The Future
Piktogramm "A Change Is Gonna Come"
A Change Is Gonna Come