Ich, Kempten

CityX - Ich, Kempten

Art project 2021/22

The participatory art project CityX has meanwhile made stops worldwide - in Europe, Asia Minor, Africa as well as in South and Central America. From autumn 2020 to autumn 2021, the artist Doris Graf collected drawings by children, young people and adults in the city of Kempten that express what the city means to them and what they associate with their city. All 900 drawings were exhibited at the Alpin Museum in Kempten in autumn 2021. The artist then arranged the images according to themes and motifs and developed a cityscape in ten pictographic images, which summarized the most important graphic statements made by the citizens. The results will now be presented from May 13, 2022 to September 11, 2022 in the citizens’ room in the Kempten Museum “Zumsteinhaus”.

Drawing performance, Kempten, 2021
Soloexhibition of 900 drawings in the Alpin Museum, Kempten, 2021
Soloexhibition “CityX - Ich, Kempten”, Museum Zumsteinhaus, Kempten 2022


Drawings “Ich, Kempten”


Piktogramm "Festival Week"
Festival Week
Piktogramm "Around"
Piktogramm "Basilica St. Lorenz"
Basilica St. Lorenz
Piktogramm "Weekly Market"
Weekly Market
Piktogramm "At the Iller"
At the Iller
Piktogramm "Criticism"
Piktogramm "Nice"
Piktogramm "Stories"
Piktogramm "Way of Life"
Way of Life
Piktogramm "In the Park"
In the Park