Me, Quarantine

Me, Quarantine

In the fight against the spread of the novel coronavirus COVID-19, the freedom of movement of citizens around the world is drastically restricted. Most people are suddenly supposed to spend most of their time at home. Children cannot go to school or play with their friends, adults cannot go to work because they have to look after their children or because their employer has had to close his shop. Countless citizens suddenly work in the home office and older people are no longer allowed to come into contact with other people at all. How do you cope with these new circumstances? How do you experience this often difficult situation? The artist Doris Graf is interested in this and is now starting another participatory art project called “Me, Quarantine”, in which, similarly to her previous project “CityX”, she is asking people for a drawing that describes this condition. Drawing ability doesn’t any matter.

Here you will find the form for downloading:

“Me, Quarantine”

Please send the drawing back as a photo or scan (jpg, 300 dpi, A4) to: Enable JavaScript to view protected content.

Drawings “Me, Quarantine”