Me, Bonhoeffer

Me, Bonhoeffer


Worldwide, political pressure from the right has been growing over the last decades. National egoism, hatred of those who are different, the stoking of fears are dividing our society and endangering democratic state orders where they still exist. Politicians who are primarily concerned with gaining and maintaining power hate their political opponents, threaten them with violence and use it. They do not care about the common welfare of all citizens, which is the main task of democratic politicians.

This development is of great concern to many citizens. In order to stop such a political movement and to spread positive impulses for democracy and social cohesion in our society, the Stuttgart artist Doris Graf offers the art project “Me, Bonhoeffer”. Her idea is to present and exhibit the life and work of Dietrich Bonhoeffer in a portrait in pictographic images, similar to CityX, by a dialogue with many participants like children, young people and adults.

The aim is to emphasis the importance of the basic political values of democracy, freedom, equality, justice, solidarity, for peaceful coexistence in a multicultural society through the remembrance of Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s personality and his responsible actions. Democracy is to be promoted by remembering this person who stands as a role model for uncompromising, responsible and resistant behaviour in very, very difficult times and who also showed civil courage, honesty and the view “from below” from the perspective of the victims of a violent regime. Regardless of age, social status and nationality, people work together on a portrait. This connects and strengthens social cohesion. At the same time, this project also aims to draw attention to the inspiring richness for everyone’s individual development that society offers, which is composed of different cultures.

2021 Drawing Performance, Otto-Hahn-Gymnasium Ostfildern, Germany
2021 Soloexhibition “Me, Bonhoeffer” Theater an der Halle, Ostfildern, Germany
2021 Drawing Performance after the event “The pastor remains pastor” with Your Theater / Word Cinema

2021 “Me, Bonhoeffer”, drawings

more drawings


The portrait in pictographic representations was created after all drawing performances. Doris Graf arranged the collected works according to motifs and themes and developed a portrait of pictographic images, similar to the way the participants had drawn.

Piktogramm "Dare to make Peace"
Dare to make Peace
Piktogramm "Restistance"
Piktogramm "Cell 92"
Cell 92
Piktogramm "For the other"
For the other
Piktogramm "The Foundation"
The Foundation
Piktogramm "... fall into the Spokes of the Wheel ..."
... fall into the Spokes of the Wheel ...
Piktogramm "Equality, Freedom, Justice"
Equality, Freedom, Justice
Piktogramm "Tyrant Morder"
Tyrant Morder
Piktogramm "Confessing Church"
Confessing Church
Piktogramm "Against the Flow"
Against the Flow
Piktogramm "Martyr"
Piktogramm "Steadfastness"
Piktogramm "Responsibility"
Piktogramm " Good Forces..." Good Forces...
Piktogramm "Open to the World"
Open to the World
Piktogramm "Who am I"
Who am I