Me, Rio

CityX - Eu, Rio

Art Project 2012/13

Starting: CRIO Biennale Rio de Janeiro, 2012

With Me, Rio, which Doris Graf launched in November 2012 as the official representative of Baden-Württemberg at the “Creativity World Forum” in Rio de Janeiro, an entirely new impetus has emerged in the artist’s work: The project participants themselves were given the task to invent symbols. Approximately 500 residents of Rio followed Doris Graf’s call to create one symbol each that expresses their personal relationship to the city. The result was a unique “treasure” of symbols of individual sensitivities - a never-ending source that Doris Graf will continue to draw inspiration from for her imagery. In the process of artistically appropriating these drawings, she deprives them of their signature by condensing them to their essential content and converting them into printed pictograms of universal expressiveness. An overview of all her works shows a multi-faceted panorama of what urban life in all its facets means today.

Drawing Performance “CityX - Eu, Rio” with a school class, CRIO Bienniale 2012, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Soloexhibition drawings “CityX - Eu, Rio” CRIO Bienniale 2012, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
“CityX - Eu, Rio”, drawings and prints, Soloexhibition Kunstverein Essenheim, Germany, 2018


Drawings “Me, Rio”


According to a so-called artistic appropriation process, Doris Graf used the drawings produced in Rio de Janeiro to develop an image of the city in the form of pictographic visualisations.

Piktogramm "Red Cap"
Red Cap
Piktogramm "Dollar"
Piktogramm "Saúde"
Piktogramm "Violence"
Piktogramm "Mosaic"
Piktogramm "Smile"
Piktogramm "The Whole City"
The Whole City
Piktogramm "Corruption"
Piktogramm "I Love Rio 2"
I Love Rio 2
Piktogramm "I Love Rio"
I Love Rio
Piktogramm "Black & White"
Black & White
Piktogramm "Tourist View"
Tourist View
Piktogramm "Corcovado"
Piktogramm "Sun"
Piktogramm "Uncomfortable"
Piktogramm "Protect Water"
Protect Water